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Swedish Armor 1920–1989: Organization and Equipment (e-book)

Krzysztof Kubiak



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Swedish Armor 1920–1989: Organization and Equipment
Krzysztof Kubiak


Almost all lovers of armor will recognize the Strv 103 tank without hesitation and many would know the prewar Landsverk L-60, but Swedish armored vehicles are not only these two. Swedish armor history is much richer and more complex. It is not possible to examine that subject matter, even in terms of equipment, without discussing the general assumptions of the specific Swedish defense doctrine, which in turn was overwhelmingly shaped by the State’s location and the natural conditions prevailing in its area.


In his book Swedish Armor 1920–1989: Organization and Equipment, Prof. Krzysztof Kubiak does not limit himself to presenting armored vehicles, but also describes and explains the development trends of AFVs in Sweden. Prof. Kubiak is a retired Polish Navy officer: he obtained his Ph.D. from the Naval Academy and continued his career at the National Defense University. He was also heading the Department of North European Countries at the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce.


Tetragon Publishing House was founded in 2009. We specialize in military history and our mission is to publish high-quality books in that area. This book is our first publication in English, but we hope that many more will follow.

Price: 50 PLN (approx 10 EUR)

Below you can find an excerpt from the book which contains: table of contents, introduction, few parts of the book (17 pages), bibliography.





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