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The Eastern Front In World War 3. Volume II


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Volumes 1 and 2 of The Eastern Front in World War 3 integrate the entire spectrum of the battlespace in new-generation warfare. Petersen has gathered in the pages of these two volumes a “band of brothers” whose expertise goes well beyond the traditional military and intelligence experts to integrate three critical spheres of the conflict with the Russian Federation which currently has its kinetic emphasis on Ukraine. Those three spheres are:

1. Geography or rather theatre studies, which are difficult to conduct and time-consuming—of course only if the approach of Petersen’s team is taken and one goes into the terrain to see for themselves. What is more, it seems that armies that should routinely prepare them are relying a bit too much on maps and electronic devices. I saw it myself when officers confronted with the real terrain were quite surprised by the actual features of geography—sometimes much different from those indicated on the map.
2. History—patterns do exist though analogies are infrequently 1:1. Through the window of history we can find Muscovite/Russian/Soviet ways of doing things—especially in the military sphere—e.g. their inability to conduct proper combined-arms combat actions at the tactical scale should be no surprise for anyone thoroughly studying the military history of the past 100+ years.
3. Cognitive sphere of the Russian New Generation Warfare. Without this knowledge, we stand naked before the misinformation, paid internet trolls, algorithms, bribery, and culture wars.

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